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We focus not just on helping the Veteran; equally important are the Caregivers, families and friends. In some cases, these Veteran are not ready to be outside their safety bubble or bunker i.e., their home,etc. So, we invite Caregivers and loved ones to attend our functions and events with or without their Veteran. We know that families need a safe place to turn just as much as the Veteran. We offer that to them. We will try to help any PTS Veteran of any era … not just OEF/OIF.

-Provide an unassuming and safe environment for all Veterans and Families: WACU hosts many events throughout the year. Each event is planned with the PTS Veteran and their entire family in mind.

-Mentor functions for Veterans and Caregivers: Mentors in WACU are Vietnam, Korean and OEF/OIF Veterans and Caregivers that have personal experience with PTS, secondary PTS and the VA system. WACU’s Mentorship program is geared toward continued connections. Our participants usually have a mentor that they connect with on a personal level, that mentor’s duty is to ensure that they reach out on a regular basis and provide support.

-Bring families together at retreats and fun events: Every event is planned to support the entire family. We host events for Veterans, Caregivers, children/grandchildren of Veterans, as well as extended family.  Sometimes the best way to help our Veterans is to help their loved ones.

-Sponsor workshops with focus on nutrition, sleep, etc.: We organize informational workshops to help the Veteran and family members better recognize issues and things they can do to better their lives together. Not only for the Veteran and Caregiver but educational programs for the children as well.

-Reach out and invite other warrior families to join: We strongly encourage anyone that has been to our events to continue to attend other events and reach out to other Veterans and Caregivers, in their community.

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