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Are you a Veteran or have a loved one that's a Veteran? Have you been struggling to find your way? Would you like to connect with others who have been and are there also?



Have a good heart and want to give back to our Veterans and Caregivers? Want to give some time to helping us during events or fundraisers? Register today to be put on the list.


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Are you a Veteran looking for help, new resources, or just want to connect with other Veterans and their families? You have come to the right place! Just fill out the application and we will add you to our list of Veterans and keep you updated on resources and new events.



Are you a Caregiver of a Veteran and need assistance or resources? Do you want to meet other Caregivers who understand what you are going through? Fill out the caregiver application below and you can join us at events and we will help find any information you need.


Mission Statement

Warriors and Caregivers United in supporting, connecting, and helping one another.

Our Mission:

Embrace Warriors and Caregivers in a nonjudgmental, safe, and unassuming environment.

Develop acceptance of existing resources and systems to educate and promote utilization.

Assist children in understanding the effects of PTSD on their loved ones.

Encourage and support development of new and old relationships.

Provide venues for the gathering of the WACU community.

Upcoming Events

Clayton, MI 
Bonfires in the park- to remember the 22 A Day. Please check out our 22A Day tab for more information.

Jackson, MI
Caregivers respite Weekend 
Please check out our events tab for more information

Warriors and Caregivers United has partnered with some great organizations for 2020.

We delivered over 1,500 care packages to veterans and their loved ones just this year! 

thanks to organizations like Operation Gratitude, Walking with Warriors, Elizabeth dole foundation, wounded warrior project, red cross, meijers gives, and many more. 

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Care Package


Check out our Facebook Page.


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