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Stephanie Hall

President and Co-Founder


Stephanie is a caregiver to her husband Terrance Hall Jr. Stephanie and Terry met while Volunteering for Warriors Caregivers United in 2015. They were married in 2018. 

How I Got Involved:

Stephanie attended her first A-Head of Healing workshop sponsored by Operation Never Forgotten in Ann Arbor, Michigan in November of 2014 with her now ex- husband, William. During the workshop she learned about secondary PTS. Going to this workshop and meeting others in similar situations helped with her own healing. Unfortunately, her marriage ended like many others often do, in divorce. When Stephanie found herself alone struggling to move forward, She got support from the Ann Arbor Workshop group. Stephanie decided to made it her mission to participate in helping other Caregivers and Veterans in similar situations. "I want them to know they are not alone; there is hope and help for everyone."

When John Kinzinger decided to retire from ONF/ A-Head of Healing and start a Michigan-based Veteran and Caregiver Non-profit called Warriors and Caregivers United, Stephanie was more than willing to follow him in that endeavor. Now through WACU, Stephanie is still active in her pursuit of bringing awareness to those who struggle with PTS and secondary PTS.  Whenever possible, Stephanie dedicates her free time to volunteering for WACU. Over the last 8 years Stephanie has had the honor to hold many roles within Warriors And Caregivers United: Secretary, Vice President, Event Director, and President. 


In January of 2019 Stephanie was selected to be the 2019/2020 Elizabeth Dole Caregiver Fellow for the state of Michigan.

  • Red Cross Military Veteran Caregiver Network- Certified Peer Mentor

  • AMVETS HEAL Certified

  • First Aid Mental Health and QPR trained 

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